Beta Tester FAQ

Love music production? Join the Musio Beta Test Team, get free virtual instruments, and help shape the future of Musio!

What is the Musio Beta Team?

Musio, our brand new software instrument plugin, was developed in-house for simplicity and ease of use, offering subscription-based access to our cloud-based catalog. Search, Load, Play. The intention is to give new users who are not familiar with Kontakt or don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on libraries a more accessible entry point.

In return for testing feedback, the Musio Beta Team grants passionate composers free access to everything Musio offers, including exclusive, unreleased content, allowing them to integrate it seamlessly into their setups long before public release.

Join the Musio Beta Team and help make our current content, application, and new features coming to Musio even better. Share your feedback by submitting feedback tickets and/or filling out a testing Google Form, and reporting problems directly to the developers.

What benefits and perks will I get for being a beta tester?

  • Free and instant access to the 30+ sample libraries currently in Musio, including some of our most sought after flagship libraries like CinePerc, CineBrass, CineWinds, CineHarps, Piano In Blue, VOXOS and many others
  • Early free access to brand new libraries and content that are added monthly to Musio such as our latest libraries: Drums of War 3, Industry Brass, and Collision Impact Designer
  • Getting to be a part of our private and exclusive beta testing community with direct communication access to other testers but also the people and team at Cinesamples and Musio
  • That awesome feeling of ownership in that you helped build this thing through your feedback and also a sense of satisfaction in improving our customer’s experience

How are beta participants selected?

Beta testers are selected based on various criteria that may vary depending on current testing needs. For example, we may be in need of more testers who use a specific digital audio workstation or specific operating systems, etc.

We are also looking for people who are passionate about music and music technology, who have an eye for detail, are willing to commit to the testing requirements, and are excited about our products and access to our private beta community and team.

How will I know if I’m selected to participate in the beta?

After being selected to participate in the beta test, we will send you an email with an account sign up link where you can then create your account and further instructions on getting set up!

How do I know if the Musio is compatible with my environment?

Here are the minimum specs you would need in order to run Musio on your system and to be a beta tester:

  • Mac – Supported on macOS version 10.14 or above (M1 is also supported)
  • PC – Supported on Windows 10 or above and Intel i5 4th Gen (or newer) or Ryzen R5 series
  • RAM – Recommended 16gb+
  • Works on most major DAWs that use AU, AAX or VST3.
  • Hard Drive Space: depends on instrument use – Recommended free space: 200gb

Am I guaranteed to be selected for a beta test?

We cannot guarantee that everyone will be selected to participate in the beta testing. Something that might prevent you from being able to join is if your computer operating system is not compatible (see the answer above to see if your OS is supported). Another would be not being able to commit to the testing requirements (at least one feedback submitted per month). Also, the beta team may be full and at capacity at which point, if you did meet the requirements, we would place you on our Waiting List and get you into the team as soon as we could!

What happens if I sign up and then get too busy to beta test? What if I don’t want to be a member anymore?

We understand that priorities can sometimes change and other responsibilities can impact a person’s ability to beta test. If needed, testers can opt out of beta testing at any time. Send an email to and let us know your situation. We will then remove the free access to Musio and remove your name from our list of beta testers, but that doesn’t mean that you could never return in the future and become a tester again. Whenever you’re ready again, just reach out to us!

When will the beta testing begin?

The testing has already begun and is ongoing!

Do I have to pay a fee or buy a software to join the program?

You will not have to pay a fee to be a beta tester or to use Musio at all while testing. Everything is provided completely free of charge.

How can I join the team?

If you are interested in joining the beta team, fill out our Recruiting Survey. From there, expect to hear from us!

Will I be given the testing tasks I need to perform, or is it more of a free feature exploration?

We encourage our beta testers to regularly use Musio in their daily work and projects and to report feedback as it comes up naturally. Along with that, we will send out a Google Form at least once a month with new application features, improvements, or new instrument content that specifically needs to be tested that we will ask our testers to test, fill out and submit.

After joining the team, how will I submit feedback?

There are three ways to submit feedback as a beta tester: submitting a feedback ticket through the Musio application, filling out a Google Form that will be sent to you with specific things that need to be tested, or making a post in our private Discord server with the feedback you want to provide.

Can I talk publicly about my experiences with the product or will I need to sign a NDA?

You will not need to sign a NDA and can talk freely in public about your experiences using Musio as a beta tester.

How much time do I need to set aside for beta testing?

The minimum amount of time required for beta testers is about 15 minutes per month wherein the tester will submit at least one of the following: submit a feedback ticket, fill out a testing Google Form when something specific needs tested, or specific feedback relayed through our Discord server.

However, the ideal beta tester will be using Musio on a regular basis as they work on their own personal or professional projects and then report feedback as they come across it in their natural environment. This ideal tester would also be active in talking with other testers in our private Discord community, as well as taking that 15 minutes to fill out the Google Form when that time arises each month.

My question isn’t answered here. Who can I contact?

Please send an email with your question to and we’ll get back to you!