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Everything You Need.Nothing You Don't.

Visual representations of the Musio interface
All of Cinesamples—and then some
Not just everything Cinesamples has ever made—everything we ever will make
  • Choose from 1,800+ symphonic, cinematic, contemporary, electronic, and world instruments by Cinesamples—plus constant new additions—and build an ensemble that’s singularly yours.

  • Grab Musio 1 for perpetual access to all 2023 Musio instruments or start a subscription plan to get new instruments right at launch for 2024 and beyond.

  • Compose in any genre with diverse, inspiring instruments from around the world.

  • Discover all-new sounds and new releases in the Explore window.

  • Manage installed libraries in the Download window.

  • Preview every sample in Musio without downloading a single file.
Elegance, simplicity, and power with a non-existent learning curve
  • Unify library articulations into a single instrument with slick, drag-and-drop keyswitch patches

  • Sculpt the perfect instrument tones with intuitive tools for reverb, dynamics, filters, and more in the Instrument window.

  • Refine your performances on the fly with streamlined, instrument-tailored controls.

  • Hide or display controls for a clean workspace

  • Fit every instrument to your mix with independent audio and MIDI inputs and outputs
The perfect marriage of power and simplicity



Send your DAW projects to co-creators with all Musio instruments and settings loaded automatically—even if they haven’t downloaded the libraries. 

Save and export custom Instrument Racks to gift your collaborator with instant setup. Collaborate with musicians across DAWs or operating systems with Musio’s cross-platform compatibility.



Musio Connect

This background app links Musio with the cloud, connecting you to all instruments and feature updates.

Musio Connect allows you to install the latest version of Musio, manage instrument locations, and more. 

In Musio, click the three-line icon in the top right corner and select show Musio Connect to access.




Coming soon

New and improved effects

Musio’s deceptively minimal design comes equipped with effortless tone-shaping tools and effects tailored to each individual instrument.

Craft the perfect instrument tones with intuitive DSP tools. Create greater width and depth in your music with advanced reverb controls. Add gritty harmonic character with the all-new distortion module.

Coming soon to Musio - New and improved FX

Advanced mixing controls

Command the stage. Dial in nuanced sonic timbres with instrument-specific mixing parameters. Refine your acoustic instrument sounds with independent mic channels.

Coming soon to Musio - Advanced mixing controls

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With flexible pricing options, Musio brings world-class virtual instruments to ANY creative workflow.

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No credit card required.


System requirements

OS support: macOS 10.14 or later, Windows 10 or later (Intel i5 7k+ or AMD Ryzen R5+ Series processor recommended)

Hardware: At least 250 GB of hard drive space recommended, 8 GB of RAM recommended

DAW support: Compatible with any DAW that supports AAX, AU, and/or VST3 plugin formats