Full Creative Power.No Learning Curve.

An illustrative header showing Musio's features - Full Creative Power with No Learning Curve

Musio is a lean, mean, production machine. Packed to the brim with high end virtual instruments, intuitive articulation control, and built-in tone shaping effects, it’s your one-stop-shop for professional sounding music.

Musio’s instruments were recorded on the same sound stages with the same engineers, equipment, and players as some of your favorite Hollywood movies. And it all comes in one sleek, user friendly, lightweight interface.

Almost Famous

Musio’s catalog of over 1800 virtual instruments were recorded on the most renowned sound stages in collaboration with the same engineers, players, and instruments as your favorite Hollywood movies.

3D rendering of the Musio plugin and effects panels


Want those epic drums from Lord of the Rings? Or what about that haunting Celeste from Harry Potter? It’s all here. Dive into our collection of some of the most pristinely recorded orchestral samples and explore your inner John Williams.

Vintage Synths

Looking for a more electronic sound? Explore our collection of professionally sampled vintage synthesizers and drum machines, From the Jupiter-6 to the Juno 5 to the TR-808.

Ethnic Sounds

We traveled the world so you don’t have to. With Musio’s “World Adventure Series” our team went to countries around the globe, and collaborated with local musicians to capture rare and culturally unique instruments from each region.





Shape Your Sound

Instrument specific effects and controls let you shape your tone and dial in the perfect sound to match your sonic palette.

Easy Keyswitching

Musio’s intuitive drag and drop keyswitching makes complicated articulation control a thing of the past. No more wrestling the tech.

Smooth Operator

We understand how precious CPU power is. That’s why we built Musio to go easy on your computer with a tiny memory footprint and lightning fast load times.

Simple Collaboration

Musio’s project sharing capabilities make collaboration a breeze. No more plugin juggling, bouncing to audio, or making sure you and your collaborators have twin setups. Just share your project with a friend who also has Musio, and the plugin will automatically download all of the appropriate instruments and apply the same settings so you can get straight to work.

No Sweat

Mic MixesComing Soon...

Dial in the perfect textures with instrument-specific mic mixes. Blend between close mics, room mics, and more to get the perfect sound.

System Requirements


macOS 10.14 or later
Windows 10 or later

(Intel i5 7k+ or AMD Ryzen R5+ Series processor recommended)


At least 250 GB of hard drive space recommended, 8 GB of RAM recommended


DAW support: Compatible with any DAW that supports AAX, AU, and/or VST3 plugin formats.