musio - the infinite instrument.

the infinite instrument.

A lean, modern sampler with 1,000+ instruments by Cinesamples across 50+ collections and counting.

free 14-day test drive, no credit card required.

creativity on
your terms.

Musio was designed to offer all creators premium virtual instruments with streamlined controls and effects in a modern, effortless sampler interface. In short, it was designed to offer the best music-making experience ever.

With a diverse catalog of over 1,000 instruments across over 50 titles soon to include collections developed from ALL content by Cinesamples, Musio guarantees a lifetime of inspiration.

Choose from monthly and annual subscription plans or a single-purchase Lifetime License for perpetual Musio ownership. Whichever path is right for you, they all lead to limitless creativity.


1,000+ superior Cinesamples instruments across 50+ collections—and counting.

Find the perfect sound for your project or spark all-new creations with a constant stream of instruments, tools, and features.

Check out the live catalog page to see and hear every single sound Musio has to offer.

hollywood-tested, composer-approved.

Compose like a pro. Except without the ridiculous hard drive space and years of technical experience.

Write with industry-proven sounds heard in some of Hollywood’s biggest hits in a zero-learning-curve format.

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    hear cinematic libraries

    think up

    think up.

     Stay inspired with new instruments, tools, and features added to Musio continuously and automatically.



    Easily refine your sounds with essential articulation, dynamics, and workflow controls in a sleek UI.

    save time

    save time.

    Skip the massive library installations and only load the instrument patches you need on the fly.

    we record here because
    they record here.

    Create rich, authentic music with virtual instruments captured in flawless acoustic environments.

    The MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios

    The Alfred Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios

    The Village in Los Angeles, California

    Columbia Records Studios

    Plus cathedrals, stages, and studios around the world.

    written by you. played by the best.

    Realize your vision with singular, distinctive sounds from world-class musicians—like master cellist Tina Guo, symphonic metal band Apocalyptica, renowned composer Randy Kerber, and more.

    Stay tuned as we continue adding signature collections by even more premier performers.

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         hear artist libraries

      all the tools you need, nothing you don’t.

      Musio’s interface drops the clutter and inconsistency of traditional samplers for a slick, modern design with easy access to vital performance-shaping controls.

      With a ubiquitous interface across every instrument, you only need to learn one to know them all.

      stay in your creative flow.







      Search, preview, and load instrument patches right in Musio for an uninterrupted workflow. Audition instrument patches without downloading, load instruments without an external portal, and keep making music without the busy work.


      find. load. create.

      Stay in your creative flow. Search, preview, and load instrument patches right in Musio for an uninterrupted workflow. Audition instrument patches without downloading, load instruments without an external portal, and keep making music without the busy work.


      seamless collaboration that actually works.

      The days of sharing a project and praying your collaborators have all the right instruments, plugin versions, and file paths are over.

      Send a project file from any DAW to a collaborator with Musio—even if they’re on another OS—and all the instruments you used will load up right away. Musio will even download any missing samples automatically so you can collaborate with zero headaches and zero down-time.

      get musio now.

      With Musio, we want to give all creators access to thousands of instruments by Cinesamples—with more to come—in a way that works for every budget and purchase preference.

      That’s why Musio is available as an annual or monthly subscription and a lifetime license for perpetual ownership and updates. Whichever you choose, you get full access to an ever-expanding world of musical and creative possibilities at a ridiculous value.

      Experience Musio for yourself and pick the path that works for you. 

      14-day test drive, full feature access, no credit card required.

      system requirements.

      OS support

      Mac: macOS 10.14 or later

      PC: Windows 10 or later (Intel i5 7k+ or AMD Ryzen R5+ Series processor recommended).


      At least 100 GB of hard drive space recommended for storing large numbers of libraries, 8 GB of RAM recommended.

      DAW support

      Compatible with any DAW that supports AAX, AU, and/or VST3 plugin formats.